Battleship Tirpitz Photos

A general collection of photos, showing the Tirpitz at various stages throughout her career.

Fitting out

A view of Tirpitz fitting out in Wilhelmshaven on February 2, 1940.

Tirpitz on trials

A good profile shot of the Tirpitz on her trials during the summer of 1941. Despite the photo's blurriness, the ship's beautiful lines are clearly evident.


The Tirpitz at anchor in Flaettenfjord.


The Tirpitz at anchor in Bogen, Norway.

Admiral hipper in wake

Photographed from the deck of the Tirpitz, the Admiral Hipper follows in her wake.

Stern view

An excellent stern view of the Tirpitz.

Officers on deck

In Flaettenfjord. Officers on the deck.

Camouflaged main turrets

Crew members on the heavily camouflaged after main turrets while the ship is anchored in Flaettenfjord.

Dancers performing

Dancers perform under the barrels of turret Dora while the ship is anchored in Flaettenfjord.

Ship inspection

An inspection of the ship takes place. In the background appear to be some of the floats used to help camouflage the ship.

Stern view

A view astern of the Tirpitz as the ship moves between fjords.

Crew member making model

A crew member makes a model of the Tirpitz.

Stern view

A close-up stern-view of the Tirpitz.