Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen Photos

External Views of the Prinz Eugen

Several external views of the Prinz Eugen.

External views

A nice view from the aft quarter of the Prinz Eugen at the Philadelphia shipyard. US Navy sailers man the decks. Notice the two missing 10.5cm gun mounts, one from the Oberdeck and one from the Aufbaudeck, removed by the shipyard for testing.

External views

A photo on the Brückendeck, looking forward, at the Prinz Eugen's conning tower. The blank covers on the right are where the torpedo and night directors had been installed prior to their removal by the Philadelphia shipyard. A chair has been installed over the night director's position. The range finder on top of the conning tower has been removed and replaced with an aerial to capture measurements during the upcoming atomic bomb tests. On top of the bridge shelter (upper portion of the photo), the US Navy has installed a large box with a circular antenna mounted over it (not in view) that contained electronic equipment to capture data during the atomic bomb tests. In the lower right, the two handrails for the stairs leading down to the Unteres Brückendeck are just barely visible.